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Chaz 'Vintage' Print


'Por Dios y Oro' (For God & Gold) Circa 1992

Lazer printed on textured paper. 

Print Size:

  • 16in H x 23in W


Original hand carved and hand painted sculpture.

Permanent Collection at @lacma




Por Dios y Oro (For God & Gold) illustrates how a new gang Christobal Colon and his Conquistados: Cortez, Cabeza de Vaca, Alvarado, Cordoba, King and Queen Ferny and Issy, presenting Christ as their leader came into another cultures territory and claimed it as their own.


The year is Año Loco (crazy  year) 1492, but these actions of conquest continue and thrive to the present day. Graffiti is a language of defining acquired territory. New symbols to show allegiance to the New World Order.


All sales are final.

Por Dios y Oro

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